About Nicosia

Cosmopolitan, glamorous and bustling, the capital of Lefkosia (Nicosia) is uniquely comprised of an ancient, walled city and a modern, fast-paced metropolis that is the epicentre of the island’s business and commercial activity.

There is no end to the options that Lefkosia provides, blending the current with the traditional. Its retail experience ranges from town centres and malls to traditional shopping quarters of winding streets. Its leisure and nightlife is a mixture of the popular and exclusive, with trendy bars that nestle amidst old, historically rich monuments. A wealth of interesting galleries and museums mix with fun entertainment for all the family. And its selection of cuisine is equally as diverse as its overall character.

All at once, you will be transported back to Medieval times at the ancient city that is surrounded by Venetian walls and heart-shaped bastions, and yet, just a heartbeat away you are undoubtedly in a progressive, European capital.

As you leave the city and enter the rural areas of the region, a different world unfolds; tranquil and picturesque, stretching across countryside and mountain villages, and offering further pursuits such as hiking and cycling in traditional surroundings.

A city always on the go, the many layers of Lefkosia’s various attractions and features make it the island’s capital in every sense.

Source: Cyprus Tourism Organization

Getting around Nicosia – Urban Buses

University of Cyprus to Downtown Nicosia (Eleftherias Square)

Route 259 – click here for a detailed route info and map (http://www.osel.com.cy/route-info)

You may Plan your Journey via the official website of the Transportation Organization of Nicosia District (OSEL) – click here for more info (http://www.osel.com.cy/home-en)

You may also download the OSEL mobile App, the official application of the Transportation Organisation of Nicosia District (OSEL).It provides information regarding the operations and scheduling of the transit buses of OSEL for the urban area of Nicosia.